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Cataract Surgery in India for a Clearer Vision

The vision begins to cloud as the body begins to age. At one point, the lens becomes so cloudy that it becomes almost impossible to see. This problem of clouding of the eye lens is called cataract, and Cataract Surgery is the corrective procedure that involves removal and replacement of the defective eye lens with an artificial lens.

Cataract surgery is one of the most widely performed surgeries, with over 3 million cataract surgeries in the USA alone, and has a success rate of 95%. People come from all over the world to benefit from Cataract surgery in India owing to the advanced methods adopted by the Indian surgeons and also because of the reduced cost factor.

The doctors and medical staff are well equipped to handle any complex medical ailment. Medical treatment in India is favored because of its proficient and talented medical personnel, which makes the availability of world-class health care at affordable prices. the medical sector has shown a promising growth in the recent years, owing to the arrival of many foreign patients for treatment.

There are three types of cataract- Nuclear cataract, which is located at the center of the lens, the Cortical cataract, which starts on the edge of the lens and slowly creeps in, and finally the Sub capsular cataract, which originates at the back of the eye.

Once the human lens id deemed unfit for vision it is replaced by artificial lenses known as the intraocular lens or the IOL. These IOL are of 3 types- Monofocal, which has only one focal length throughout, Toric, which has higher power at one part of the lens, and the multifocal lens which has varied focal lengths throughout the lens. A fine cataract surgery can open up to a whole new world. The mind does not have to struggle to make out of the hazy shaped anymore. A better quality of vision with an exposure to the vibrant colorful world is possible with cataract surgery.

India is one of the most preferred places for cataract surgery. Reduced prices and world-class treatment facilities are the major factors which help to successfully attract the customers. The medical facilities give a stiff competition to their American and European counterparts. The cataract surgery is performed in almost all major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore etc. Indian ophthalmologists and specialists are well trained and are capable of taking good care of the foreign patients.

The medical tourism in India has aided many patients to travel to India and have their vision restored. It gives you the double benefit of having a successful treatment and allows for a fine holiday to help recover faster. Indian health guru is one of the best providers of medical tourism in India. they take care of each and every need of their clients. They have a high rate of customer satisfaction, and all their clients are now leading a sine cataract free life.